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Forensic Accounting

Expert Evidence for Trials

Brian Sullivan is a Forensic Accountant which is a very specific area of accountancy which deals with disputes and litigation. The term “forensic” means that the findings of this type of accounting are suitable to use in a court of law. Forensic accountants are also called forensic auditors or investigative auditors and they are responsible for giving their expert evidence within a trial.

Examples of Forensic Accounting

  • Could be an owner of a company that thinks that his bookkeeper might be embezzling money from him.

  • A government employee looking to prove that a corporation has been money laundering.

  • They might also be asked to assist in cases related to marital and family law, business valuation, bankruptcy, economic damages calculations and much more.

5 Situations Where Counsel can Benefit from Hiring Forensic Accountants

  • Foundational: provide assistance in the case development and discovery stages and assist in defining the financial framework of the case. Assess the quality of the documents in determining what might be relevant.

  • Interpersonal: conduct interviews to aid in the planning and execution of case data collection, and perform background research on the people and entities relevant to the matter.

  • Data Collection & Analysis: accumulate the data, and marshal the necessary tasks to either support or refute the legal theories presented. If requested, assist in any hearings, conferences and settlement negotiations.

  • Expert report & trial: aggregate all of the forensic accountant’s conclusions during the assignment, followed by the submission of an expert report and possibly testify at deposition or trial. If requested by the attorney, the forensic accountant can critique the opposing expert’s report.

  • Testifying v Non-Testifying Expert: Disclosure rules apply and depending on the circumstances could be an invaluable benefit to counsel preparing for trial.

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