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Doing normalization adjustments can be a very sensitive issue during a valuation engagement—and also in court, if the matter ends up there. Some executives are defined by the amount of compensation they receive, so explain to your client early on what normalizing pay means and that you may have to do it, advises Stephen D. Kirkland (Atlantic Executive Consulting Group LLC). Kirkland is a compensation consultant and expert witness who works with valuation experts on reasonable compensation issues. In court, opposing counsel will question you to make sure that you have a reliable basis for your adjustments, he points out. Kirkland has been a subscriber to RCReports for a while, he says in a video. He notes that he’s gotten to know the “people behind the numbers” at RCReports, how they put together the data, and the quality control process they have in place. He also says that it is much more user-friendly than some of the other databases he’s used.

Extra: RCReports is available for a discount (scroll to the bottom of the page for your offer).

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